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Hiring an Independent Caregiver vs. Hiring Advantage Home Care

Hiring a private caregiver:

It is difficult to hire caregiver assistance on your own.  Sure, you may find people posting signs on bulletin boards, or advertising themselves on Craigslist.  A friend may even refer someone to you. 

How well do you know a person you met this way?  Why are they working alone, without the benefit of agency representation, guaranteed work, payroll deductions, and benefits?  What if they were fired from an agency, and never told you? What if they make a medication error?   If they steal your mom’s medications, what do you do?  If they break something valuable, what do you do?  What if they don’t show up for work?  What if they call off sick too often?  What if your needs change, and the caregiver does not have adequate training or supervision to deal with the changes?

Many third party payors (such as Long Term Care insurance or the Veterans Administration) will not pay for private caregivers, because it is difficult to hold independents accountable.

Are you willing to be responsible for injuries?   Contrary to popular belief, neither home insurance nor registry services pay worker’s compensation.

Are you willing to either evade the IRS or pay payroll taxes?  For 2019, the limit is $1,000 in any quarter, or $2,100 in any year to any household help who does not own their own business.

Advantage Home Care:

  • conducts Oregon and National background checks
  • conducts an Office of Inspector General Exclusion check
  • conducts a national sex offender check
  • conducts in-house drug tests
  • checks driver’s licenses, driving records, and auto insurance
  • provides paid training in safe transfers
  • provides paid training in bloodborne pathogens and infection control
  • provides paid training in respecting boundaries and privacy
  • provides paid training in numerous other relevant topics
  • provides workers’ compensation insurance
  • provides liability insurance
  • provides sick leave and health insurance to caregivers
  • manages schedules
  • provides replacement caregivers if ours are sick or requested time off
  • monitors and supervises caregivers
  • monitors and supervises care needs
  • provides RN supervision of medication administration and insulin injections
  • assists in obtaining needed medical supplies
  • represents you with third party payers (DHS, VA, and Long Term Care), including submitting all documentation
  • is licensed, bonded and insured
  • is surveyed (audited) by Oregon Health Authority

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Private caregiver assistance may charge less per hour.  However, in the long run, Advantage Home Care services save you time, hassle, and potential legal issues.  If third party payers are involved, or if your ability to hold a job suffers from private caregiver absences, our services often save you money.

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Oregon Health Authority Comprehensive in-home care agency license: 15-2108