Although many industries have been forced to limit or even stop business during the Covid-19 pandemic, Advantage Home Care is looking to expand their workforce.   An unusually large number of seniors live in Douglas County – 26.3% of the population, compared with 18.2% in Oregon, and just 16.5% nationally.  The percentage of legally disabled people under the age of 65 is also higher than average – 14.6%, compared with 10.1% in Oregon, and 8.6% nationally.  Demand for in home care has always exceeded the supply of caregivers, even before the pandemic.

Caregivers are essential workers, helping seniors and disabled people live safely at home.  Caregivers prepare and serve meals, assist with bathing and grooming, shop, and assist with laundry and common household tasks.  This service is especially attractive for those with pre-existing conditions, who would prefer to socially distance in the comfort of their own homes.  In contrast with facility staff, who may care for 14-20 people in a single shift, home caregivers work with one person at a time.  This exclusivity – and the fact that caregivers are required to wear masks – provides a measure of security to both caregivers and clients.

“We are very fortunate to employ so many wonderful caregivers who truly enjoy helping seniors stay safe at home.  With demand for services increasing the longer Covid-19 remains an issue, we could really use some more nice people,” said Scott Arensmeier, Human Resources Manager.   “We have a great in-house training program, so applicants do not always need to have caregiving experience.  Whether they are friendly, have good references and a clean background – those are the things that matter the most now, when demand is so high.”