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Advantage Home Care of Douglas County is moving!

After ten years in the old Riverside School on Garden Valley Blvd., the managers of Advantage Home Care felt their caregiving business would be better served by moving to a newer building.

Larisa Sparrowhawk, the Director of Services, said: “We felt that Douglas County needed a more professional level of in-home care, and we wanted our space to reflect this professionalism.  We hired a new registered nurse, Greg Wolf, who has both physical and psychiatric nursing experience, to assist in training caregivers.  Debora and I spent weeks looking at buildings, and found a wonderful space near Rose Haven.  Our new location has plenty of parking for caregivers attending training.”

Debora Michl, the Office Manager, said: “We really appreciated the extra care our new landlords put into renovating our new space to fit our business needs. The original space had only one bathroom, but we needed two.  So our new landlords literally split the bathroom in half. They built a wall, moved a sink, and made one side handicapped accessible for clients.”

Advantage Home Care plans a celebratory barbecue for all employees on July 24th.

Contact: Larisa Sparrowhawk: 541-440-0933.
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